Monday, June 19, 2006

Live Fire Manion

So for Father's Day I went trap shooting with my father. It's kind of like skeet shooting. You get a shotgun and machines in two little huts fling 3-inch wide orange clay frisbees out into space. You get two shots, one at each frisbee. It sounds hard. In reality, it's even harder. However, the experience taught me the following life lessons:

Loading your shotgun with five shells and emptying the magazine at a fleeing frisbee (and still missing) will get you chastised by the operators of the range.

Missing repeatedly, followed by charging out onto the range and smashing the still intact frisbee with the butt of your shotgun will get you threated with ejection.

Running up to the clay throwing hut, sticking the barrel of your shotgun in the little window and shooting the clay thrower repeatedly at point blank range while screaming "Dodge this you bastard!" will actually get you thrown out.

My shoulder is still bruised technicolor from the recoil, but it was fun.



Blogger The Fight Guy said...

Well, dude, didn't anyone tell you that aiming at the skeets is passe? What you want to do is swing around suddenly and put a round or two into the high-powered lawyer-turned-lobbyist who's approaching from your blind side.

Hey, that's what Cheney does! And just look at him!

Go on. Look at him.

Take a good, long look.

Annnnnd... pull.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Ari said...

How bout posing as a member of FETA (Frisbee Ethical Treatment Association) and protesting for humane treatment of frisbees, while at the same time tasting delicious on salads? Would that get you ejected?

3:17 AM  

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